I found  your play POOR  truly impressive. It gets inside the head of a guy who in his one mind and body carries the sickness of our society --  and who expresses this in devastatingly  real language, nothing artifiicial about it,  as if those words are wrenched from the soul and hurled at us with no shield in the way.... It is truly powerful and deserves to be seen and heard by more people.   Howard Zinn,2009

OWS Theater




The Second Coming by Abaq Anonymous is a play that is a curing rite for the planet, in a time when the sacred universe weeps for the death of empathy and the murder of beauty by the global corporatists and megalomaniacal fantasists of religion; yet there is possibility if there is a catharsis.


This was our planet;

last rites for a psychotic species.



The time has come for this work. Please send it to anyone who might want to read it to themselves or perform it aloud.


Corporatism and psychotic religion combine, morph, destroy. Ecocide, genocide, brutality. Totalitarianism. Contempt for human beings and the planet.


For the kiva, the commune, the theater, "The Second Coming" by Anonymous  -- a last rites for the planet, a pre apocalyptic aversion therapy for the common psychoses we share as humans and which underpin our heinous actions.

Ecce Homo.



THE SECOND COMING or The God Annals, is a spectacularly ground breaking work in nine parts (two sections) which can take place  over a night in a special place, perhaps from dusk to midnight, or midnight to dawn, or over a series of nights as with the Miracle plays.  It is in no way an ode to Christianity nor any religion (save perhaps animism) but a hilarious and darkly serious ritual of catharsis of human cultural psychoses. Ensemble of 8-18, Leading actors, 8.


Michael Kahn said about the work:

.. dazzling in its display of linguistic wit; marvelous theatrical sense; rich, evocative, consistently inventive…so well done and thank you!”  “What great theatrical possibilities for a talented director and a daring troupe of actors.”



"It's a magnificent opus, enormously creative, and based on extraordinarily comprehensive scholarship. I see it as a mega-mystery play. It unveils the deep societal dysfunction we've been manifesting overtly since WWII.

Art must reflect its time. You have done that, absolutely. I think it is too much for most playwrights, producers and actors to handle, so the usual response is deflecting the pain by retreating into triviality. I had thought to specialize in comedy, feeling that we really need to laugh now. But that's only a band-aid. We need to get the message out. There's little, if any, time. And it will be resisted.

Thank you so much for creating this."

 --All my best, Avayar Kamari


 I’m reading part Two of The Second Coming. It’s really great. Could you send me Part One?

Steve Capra, The Living Theatre



At the Hollow

In "At The Hollow," the failure of two parallel relationships triggers tragic consequences on July 4th weekend in a mountain cabin, as our leading lady, a former Flower Child, continues to look for beauty, community, and freedom, while the love of her life, a former hippie, wants--stability, and resents the challenges she poses.


I’m like a dryad locked in a tree, in a culture I 


I don’t know where we can go to be free but there’s got to be  another way! Yours sure as hell isn’t it, Robert. And I may  not get there, but others will. When it falls down. Your new woman’s Economic world and yours. Maybe something in my ancestors’ genes will pull me through. And I won’t be the failure anymore. And I will believe this.”      

Novels and non-fiction have addressed the gestalt of the 1960s and 70s, the conflict between nature and culture, the search for freedom in an increasingly economically bound society. Few plays have done this, save for those about Vietnam.  How do generations resolve their conflicts? What does love owe? How does idealism survive? Is anyone the villain, or in this current American culture, are we all victims?


The Men, or Stalking Random Pastels.

A man is influenced to destroy love by those in service of a bigoted "higher order." A memory play

taking place in the  sacred grove, it examines how "reality" happens, and the nature of  love  under pressure. 

"For me the piece resonates as a depiction of the struggle
the artist and many people have to be free, to allow themselves to feel and be
passionate, to be the way they really are inside without internally
and externally imposed restrictions and oppressions. It is a  courageous and ambitious
piece." Tom Wolfson, performance artist.




"Pirandello's Hex." 6 actors double, 3m 3f; any ages (20s-70s);  no set, surreal props only and lights.     A writer who was brought by her father from Argentina (escaping the Death Squads) finds herself enveloped by her own satirical political plays as the  wars of her adopted nation continue relentlessly in the middle east. Trapped by impoverishment and a demanding mother, she descends into madness.

Where do the political and the personal intersect? How does personal oppression end up as public misuse of power?




 (Finalist Yale Drama Series.)

 A harrowing story which takes place in real time --  of an idealist arrested in the house of her lover during a national emergency. Conflict brings the whole family down as a nightmare of  fascism overwhelms America. Also in part about how the feminine threatens the status quo of the male patriarchy, this play is what OCCUPYWS is all about.




If you want to see any of these plays not so far downloaded onto the site, please contact us.

Contact us with comments. With times and places you may read or perform the plays on this site.

With truly political theater for the 99%



Thank YOU to the soul of OCCUPYWS for a new governance, community, democracy, economy and art -- in harmony with earth and other human beings.

It's been a long time coming, but you are the new age -- without war, aggression, vile materialism, and competitiveness; towards joy, beauty and peace.




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We want to recommend Danny Cassolaro Died For You, by Dominic Orlando

Prophecy by Karen Malpede

Another Life by Karen Malpede

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